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"As always, the very thought of our business, our people, our products brings a bright
smile to my face.

Each morning as we start on our day's schedule, the prime importance is of the attitude we bring to the table. People taking pride in their work are the best motivators for colleagues as well as the customers and Group Aashinita-Dairy Den is proud to have a close knit team that responds to each challenge with courage and rises to set new benchmarks for the industry to follow"


To develop wonderful products, deliver superlative services and create an aura of "wow" for everything and everyone that leaves our sphere of action.


To align every activity with the mission and expand the sphere of excellence on the wings of wisdom that comes with experience.


The entity behind the successful brands like Dairy Den, Yums soft ice creams, Chills Thrills and Frills (CTF) is Dairy Den Group., started way back in 1969 and today an internationally known technology hub for Ice Cream Machines and components of Ice Cream Machines. Mixes, Ingredients

With the experience spanning four decades, the company has leveraged its engineering expertise and devoted R&D activities to innovate Ice Cream Machines, particularly suited for harsh conditions, and is the largest player in the quality Machinery & Equipment sector today. The list of blue chip companies and true blue ice cream giants as clients serves as ample testimony, as also a base of over 3000 installations.

The Group is also known for its Fresh Ice Cream offerings particularly in Gujarat. It has chain of outlets, a strong Brand for fresh Ice Creams- Dairy Den - and a strong sub-Brand for chain of restaurants - Chills, Thrills and Frills (CTF).


The team at the group is one integrated unit of passionate people, who perform their best together and have been weaving their cool magic since a long time. The technocrats, the marketers, the administration people, every arm of the group reaches out to reassure the markets with its best efforts aimed at excellence.


We shall adhere to all the national/international norms for the manufacturing processes as applicable. The sanctity of the production process shall be second only to the safety and security of the personnel on task.

  • Pioneer in Premium Dry Dairy powder Soft Ice Cream Mix.
  • New concept/machine a Three-flavors of Soft Ice Cream Machine with innovative concept of "Injected Flavored Syrups"
  • Phasing out of CFC refrigerants as per Montreal protocol. Today no CFC refrigerants are used by the group. Even the insulations used, are Non CFC grades.
  • Over 3000 successful installations of Tropicalized machines suitable to high ambient temperature / Harsh running conditions


The Group has Design and Development Center, which develops new Machines for the FIC business.

Food Division

The Recipes and Concoctions Development team has state-of-art equipment,
Lab and R&D facilities at its disposal :
One of the major success for team Dairy Den came with the recipe for Yums. The Group developed a Soft Serve at a cost that made it possible to maintain quality and still have a MRP of Rs 5 per cone (USD$ 0.12).

The Group has been particularly successful in understanding how the technology should be altered to suit the taxing harsh ambient conditions.